SkillEdge, it’s an HR Service solution for startups.

A Delhi based venture which is already catering 30 plus startups across India. Whether it’s major brands of Digital Marketing, or E-Commerce Product based companies, or AI,Robotics, IoT based startups- we are catering all. Mostly, the hiring requirements are designed with specific skill set (especially after funding rounds) or other support of Payroll Management, Policies or Appraisal Management, we are covering all this. With startups you always have customized requirements, where a person should be able to wear multiple hats & the designation never defines their exact role. That’s the beauty of working with startup, and to choose such a right fit, is a challenge in itself.

Hiring is always a priority for any company, apart from their product & service. Most of new ventures have to struggle at this phase:

a) It’s difficult to attract talent pool with so much competition.

b) If you are assigning a job to any of your ex-mate, friend or acquaintance, you are compromising with authority, which is never advisable.

Working with the tagline, “By keeping us by your side,you are spending more time doing what you love - growing your business”, SkillEdge is trying to act as a liaison between this complex network of talent & promising new businesses.

In the age of AI &chatbots, many recruitment solutions are flooding into the eco-system. But the crucial thing which we are forgetting is- our team consists of human, not robots. And no automated system can take care of human needs, growth or aspirations.

My Journey – Tripti Israni